Artist Statement

I’m drawn to intimate, delicate details.

The questions that are most interesting to me and find their way into my art tend to be rooted in my background in environmental studies and a childhood spent outdoors, my dad’s voice naming birds and trees. These questions touch on the tension between structure and unmaking, the patterns of change in the health of the natural and human-natural world.

MapS: Treasured

In 2012, I embarked on a study of maps in response to a personal journey of transition. At first, I was attempting to map where I was going next, figuratively and geographically, and to understand my own state of belonging. This opened an exploration of the places to which I am lured, beyond my known experience, and an opportunity to see the places I know intimately with new eyes.

Soon, my maps began to record other questions: how have the structures of different cities formed in relation and reverence to water, might the grid of a city reflect some essential characteristic of that place, what can maps reveal of impermanence, whether from the ebb and flow of human construction or of a changing climate?



Lin Hundt is a visual artist living and working in Santa Cruz, California. Her art, along with her interests in science fiction, typography, experimental alchemy involving cheese & chocolate, environmental and social justice, action movies, html code, windy afternoons, and woodcarving are all completely and logically interconnected.

Home is sensory—sharp and spicy—often, half unknowing, leaving its footprints across her work. Through her Wisconsin roots thread deep-green patchworks, steamy new-cut alfalfa, fermenting silage, a low tractor-growl, and the rich medley of cow. Her central California coast habitat is a dusty topaz and olive hillscape, punctuated flames of manzanita and madrone, lichen-inscribed boulders, and the mingled aromas of bay laurel, California everlasting, oat-grass, and oak.